(Or Things People don’t want)

I have been pondering which business I might work with. It’s taken a while! A number have been suggested – Textile Express, The Carpet Shop, Jukebox Mama Band, The Ironworks, The Library.
Finally I think I am going to look at a charity shop. Probably my favourite The Red Cross Shop.
The art work – well it’ll be all about STUFF – or Things People don’t want, which really attracts me as I can maybe give some of it a new lease of life, I can juxtapose the unexpected. I will also really enjoy browsing with my art response in mind, rather than just browsing with interest.
As an abstract expressionist artist I am interested in fabrics as part of an artwork and have recently become interested in collage – using all kinds of papers, fabrics and mark makers. Whilst these have all been 2D, some have been very textural and almost like reliefs. So perhaps I might consider 3D collages – very close to assemblages in fact, and maybe to fit inside containers.

A thought: Artworks for this project do not have to be displayed on the premises of the chosen business – in fact in many cases more interest may be created by displaying them in the window of a completely unrelated business.
Any thoughts on this, please bring them along to the meeting tomorrow – or just email or facebook me. Many thanks