Burst 1 - John Swogger/Freja Evans, digital 2011. Graphic image for "Limelight", 2011.

Just a quick reminder to everyone that it’s our monthly Inside Out art group “Notebook Meeting” this week. We’ll be meeting at The Willow Gallery on Willow St. in Oswestry at 2pm on Wednesday. The meetings are open to any artists who are interested in coming along. One of the things we’ll be talking about our “Art Works” project, linking up local businesses with local artists in and around Oswestry; we’ll also be talking about recent exhibitions and projects, as well as ongoing exhibitions and working opportunities in and around Oswestry.

And why “Notebook Meeting”? Well, it’s a chance for people to bring along things they’re working on – open up their notebooks, sketchbooks, etc., and talk through ideas and problems, thoughts and current work and directions. It’s a chance to network and get to know other local artists, and see what sparks and new ideas can be generated.