"Matthew", Aug. 18th 2011 - first illustration for "Art Works"

I’ve just had another great day at Fine Line Tattoos as part of the “Art Works” project. Showed Stuart and Rena the work I’ve done so far – the illustration page I showed at the Notebook Meeting yesterday. They were really taken with it (and thought the picture of Keith looked just like him, which is a relief!). Spent the afternoon with Stuart on the reception desk, watching and drawing all the people who came in with queries and ideas for tattoos. Interesting watching the kind of people-management that goes on.

So, less about the tattoos and the clients this week and more about the dynamics between the tattooists themselves. I’m in the process of working up my sketches into another “Thursday Sheet”, and will be posting that on my own blog once I get it finished.

Already can’t wait until next Thursday!