All sorts of art-y types turned up to the Inside Out Art Group meeting at The Willow...

Good to start off the year on a really positive note. The Inside Out Art Group had a great meeting this afternoon at the Willow. Fifteen of us packed into one of the sofa-nooks in the window, talking about everything from lines to tattoos, wire to why we do art. Diana, Dorothy Harrison and I showed recent work that we’d done, and everyone talked about directions they were headed in. We talked about our “Art Works” project, and I got a chance to show some of the illustrations I’ve been doing at my sessions at Fine Line Tattoos for “Art Works”.  Great to hear what other people are up to, and to see some of the things they’re working on.

As it was the first such meeting, we didn’t get much of a chance to talk about future plans in great detail, but we did talk a bit about both the Art Works and “Reflections” project – putting art into local churches; as well as the “Window at the Willow” project Faye and Diana are heading, and our ongoing Inside Out exhibitions in the Dunbabin Gallery space.

We’re going to be holding these “Notebook Meetings” regularly on the first Wednesday of every month – so our next get-together will be Wednesday, October 5th – put it in your diary! Anyone is encouraged to come along – and to bring a sketchbook or some of your recent work to show and talk a little bit about. A few people wanted to know if they could contribute to this blog, and Diana said: Yes, absolutely! In fact, I’ll bring my laptop in October and will give a quick blog tutorial for anyone that’s interested.

Lots of ideas kicked around, lots of interesting stuff talked about – look forward to seeing everyone again in October!