A quick post just to let everyone know about an encouraging start to our “Artists at Work/Art Works” project, linking together businesses and artists in Oswestry.

As some of you already know, I thought I might like to work with Fine Line Tattoos, just around the corner from the Cambrian Studios Building in Oswestry.

I’ve just come back from a brilliant hour+ long chat with Stuart and Rena, the owners of the tattoo studio, and talked with them about everything and anything to do with tattoos. They’re really enthusiastic, full of ideas, and think the whole Art Works project could be really worthwhile. I told them some of our ideas – like putting together an exhibition, a trail and a travelling version of the . They also had some excellent suggestions about ways to get more background on the art of tattooing, etc., etc.

We didn’t discuss any details about exactly what I would do, but we did agree that I would start by coming in every Thursday between 11 and 3, and do some sketching, drawing, painting, talking to people and just see where things lead. I’ve already started to think and sketch and have some ideas, which I’ve been covering on my own blog.

Following comments from Jane Brown at our last get-together, I’ve been putting together a short introductory fact-sheet about the project. This sheet, which you can download here, outlines the main ideas of the project and has contact information, etc. This might be useful for people to help them introduce themselves and the project to businesses they think they might want to work with.

Anyway, just wanted to report back to the group and say how much I’m looking forward to getting started on all this and hope this encourages others to get stuck in to the project as well!