Men An Tol, Cornwall - Neolithic holed stone and two uprights

It’s the last day of Anne Spence’s exhibition at Studio A1. She’s put on a really good exhibition, with lots of really interesting and thoughtful pieces. As Anne takes down her exhibit later this afternoon, I thought I’d summarise her show by puting up an extract from her artist’s statement on the blog:

… The inspiration for this body of work came from my interest in archaeology and geology. I am currently exploring different organic mixed media works within my art. The reason I am using earthly, natural and organic minerals is that it relates to the unique megalithic structure Man an Tol, Cornwall, which is, for me, an inspirational site. Our Stone Age ancestors built this and they too would have used the same natural minerals of the earth for their cave drawings, but I have used these combined with oil paint within my contemporary abstract interpretation. I want to show how our Neolithic ancestors worshipped the sun and the moon through their megalithic structures. Highlighting how in our modern times we have lost these beliefs in our natural world, showing how such phenomena as eclipses of the sun and moon still leave us in awe, as it would have done for our ancestors. I want to display and bring awareness to the viewer, that in our modern day life we have not lost our inner feelings of our senses, but still have them, as did our ancestors, even though we are living in such a virtual world of the information era. I want to portray a sense of depth within my work that pulls the viewer into my world.