Hanging Form - Elizabeth Anne Spence, acrylic on canvas, 2010 (detail)

Anne Spence came in on Monday and hung her exhibition in Studio A1. She’ll be exhibiting current work there through the end of February as one of our “Featured Artists”. Anne’s got a great selection of work on show – pieces that show as much where she began as a former graphic artist, but also where she’s going as that graphic tradition works its way into a new fine art aesthetic. I had a sneak preview of the work yesterday, and I was particularly taken with the way in which she’s taken photographic references and translated them into not just graphic forms and painting, but also allowed them to migrate very successfully back into the 3D realm of sculptural expression.

Don’t miss this chance to see what one of this year’s Second Year students at Glyndŵr is up to – exhibitions like Anne’s are real opportunities for all of us to stay in touch with what’s going on up there.

Anne will be in the Studio on the following days:

Wed Feb. 2nd 10-4
Sat Feb. 5th 10-4
Mon Feb. 9th 10-4
Wed Feb. 12th 10-4
Mon Feb 14th 10-4
Wed Feb 16th 10-4
Fri Feb 19th 10-4

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